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Why we are better than PVC?

Cushion carpet backings exhibit excellent functionality along with unmatched aesthetics. Owing to their unique chemistry, in these Office Carpet, Commercial Carpet, Office Carpet Tiles, Commercial Carpet Tiles, Cushioned Carpet Tiles,Cushion Back Carpet Tiles, the cushion carpet backings provide better indoor air quality with respect to many detectable volatile organic compounds. Besides, designed in accordance with CRI Green Label standards, these can be easily reclaimed and recycled, especially when used with recyclable carpet. Furthermore, installation of carpet with cushion backing aligns with international quality criteria and may also quality for credit under the globally recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building.

Installation and Maintenance
Installation forms an important part of your carpet and backing selection. As opposed to
double stick method, carpet with cushion backing requires up to 40% less labor during installation. Available in both soft and tough variants, these cushions also provide greater flexibility over a wide range of temperature and site conditions. Other key advantages of cushion carpet backings include hassle-free repairing, breathability, and easy mix and match of seaming and pattern during the installation process.

For assuring a proper installation procedure, make sure you always choose qualified installers who refer to the CRI 104 Installation Guidelines provided by the Carpet and Rug Institute, as well as adhere to installation guidelines of the manufacturer. From color, pattern, yarn type, dying method, style, topical treatment to the backing work, each variable must be thoroughly taken into account to ascertain the overall functionality and aesthetics of your carpet. When you go with a high quality carpet backing system, you  not only get unrivaled design and performance, but also benefit from their long-lasting wear and comfort.

End-Uses for Cushion Backing
Superior ergonomics makes cushion backing suitable for application in multiple corporate settings. Its
good sound absorption quality is very ideal for noisy open office plans. Designed in congruence with advanced technology, cushion backing also meet varied requirements of healthcare facilities, especially those related to mobility, noise and spills. Other application areas where cushion backings can be suitably used are educational environments (for improving acoustics and withstanding aggressive wear and tear), retail and hospitality settings (for withstanding rigors of heavy traffic and retaining appearance over a long period of time).

The Universal Advantages of Cushion Carpet Backing

  • Appearance retention
    Unlike other floor coverings, Cushioned Carpet Tiles with a cushion backing is not only high on style but is high wearing and hence retains appearance for many years to come.
  • Functional liquid barrier
    Carpet with a cushion backing offers excellent resistance to stains & odors from liquid spills.
  • Durability and budget
    Heavy foot traffic is not a problem when it comes to
    carpet with a cushion backing. It is also very cost-effective as even under intensive usage, it easily minimizes edge ravel, disfiguring snags and pulls, etc.
  • Sound absorption
    An excellent noise reducer, cushioned carpet backing effectively reduces the sound of foot traffic, absorbs & eliminates airborne noise as well as negates chances of sound transmission to floors below.

Advantages of Carpet Tiles

  • Carpet Tiles give you flexibility to mix and match various colors, textures, designs as per your decor & personal taste
  • Carpet tiles are very easy to install and can be installed directly over your existing floor tiles or wooden subfloor or any plain surface
  • Carpet Tiles calls for minimum maintenance and can also be removed, replaced and cleaned with ease
  • Carpet Tiles can be availed in a wide choice of designs & colors


  • Green Certified
  • Fire Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Environment Friendly
  • Easy Installation
  • Zero maintenance

We have with us a seasoned team of in-house experts who can assist you with all your carpet needs. We manage a vast collection of exclusively designed carpet tile varieties which can be easily customized as per your inherent interior needs and design requirements. Our carpet tile are durable, wide-ranging in terms of colors, design and texture and are a classy choice, especially for office floors.

Quality Trust

At Knots, we specialize in designing carpet tile and artificial grass to suit different installation & budgetary requirements of customers. We fully integrate our operations via manufacturing excellence and a streamlined quality management policy that ensures quality consistency and flexibility in all our operations. ISO 9001 accredited and GE certified, we manage a Quality Guarantee Center where we abide by highest industry standards. We also invest significantly in Technical Training and Production Management to keep ourselves abreast with changing technology. A brief of our Quality Centers and various adopted practices and processes are briefed hereunder:

  • Quality Guarantee Center
    • ISO 9001 Certification
    • GE Certification
    • Technical Tracking
    • Production Management
  • Customer Service Center
    • Overseas Market Department
    • Domestic Market Department
    • Purchasing Department
    • Quality Tracking
    • After-sale Service
  • Human Resources Center
    • Recruitment
    • Team Training
    • Team Member Evaluation
    • Team Award
    • Administrative Management
  • New Products Testing Center
    • New Samples Center
    • New Product Test
    • Safety Test
  • Product R&D Center
    • Color Research
    • Pattern Design
    • Technical Process
  • Consulting Center
    • Corporate Image Integration Plan
    • Budget Plan
    • Product Position
    • Market Position Corporation Culture

Corporate Management

  • Mr. Sushil Jain

    • Founder
    • Main force behind the organization
    • Works towards the development and welfare of the managing team
    • Highly focused personality with high moral & religious values
  • Mr. Abhinandan Jain

    • Co-founder
    • Responsible for strategic planning and developing business plans
    • Also manages both revenue and cost elements of the company
    • Undertakes overseas traveling for enhancing sales and exploring new markets
  • Mr. Amit Jain

    • Partner
    • M.B.A in marketing
    • 15 years of experience in the carpet industry
    • Looks after the product management, pricing, overall sales, administration and synchronizing with senior sales team
    • Concentrates on advertising, financial aspects and marketing plans
    • Undertakes research & development activities
  • Mr. Vishal Jain

    • Partner
    • Completed B.Com(Hons) from Shri Ram College of Commerce
    • 10 years of experience in the carpet industry
    • Manages purchase, production and material management
    • Responsible for quality control & constant innovation in the production techniques
    • Involved in developing various domestic and overseas sales opportunities